Somewhere in between this wasted time with facebooks, smartphones, twitters and televisions, where it is hip to be a hipster and girls happiness is measured by body mass indexes reflected in them boys’ Ray Ban glasses, where you no longer try to catch the universe and the only certainty left is that of your most individually styled individuality while just living the most commercially styled life like any other one of them brownnoses competitively climbing up the greasy pole as just another mute in this universal reality show there is Deadman’s Redemption.

Felix, Tim, Thomas and Thomas

Shows in 2018:

09.02.2018 - New Sun Club & Kulturkneipe, Bebra


18.11.2017 - Burning Age Festival, Vellmar


05.07.2014 - Kippen Rock - Arnsbach

04.07.2014 - Johannisfest, Eschwege

06.06.2014 - GoAhead, Schwebda


16.11.2013 - Burning Age Festival, Vellmar

25.06.2013 - Sommerfest Uni Kassel

11.05.2013 - Knallhütte Rockt!, Heringen


16.11.2012 - K19, Kassel

02.11.2012 - JAK, Heidelberg

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